Highest Paying Jobs with just a Bachelor’s Degree

You want to bring home a paycheck with just a bachelor’s degree? Or in other words, you want to start your career after getting graduate/ Yes, you can start your career with just a bachelor’s degree, which can give you a entry point to start your career. The only thing is your interest and passion, and rights choice to start your career after bachelor’s degree. According to <a href=”https://www.certschief.com/”>Certs Chief</a> survey, many high paying jobs are available in market that you can start after your bachelor’s degree. But this is yours time to get better choice before speeding money on higher degrees and stepping into your career path. Mentioned below careers can give you an entry point, to start your career with holding a bachelor’s degree and to excel your career, without spending much money on higher degrees.

  1. Petroleum Engineers: Petroleum engineer’s job responsibility includes assessing potential location, design and supervision of the process for getting oil and natural gas out of the ground and into storage tanks. Most of the petroleum engineers work for oil and gas companies, but some of them work for companies that do the business of selling equipment, machines and tools to oil companies. The minimum bachelor’s qualification is required for this job. These engineers can get average salary of $93,000 to $129,990 per year.
  2. Aerospace Engineer: Engineers which deals with spacecraft are known as “Aerospace Engineers”. These professionals are responsible for designing, development, manufacturing and maintenance of aircrafts and related technologies. Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering degree is required to enter in this career. An aerospace professional can earn up to $59,400 per year.
  3. Chemical Engineers: Chemical engineers are responsible to design and develop chemical manufacturing processes. Their duties included developing of raw materials into useful products, designing plant and equipment configuration. They work closely with chemist and control engineers. Annually salary for chemical engineers in the start of their careersranges between $64,800 and $108,000. Bachelor degree holders can start their career and can get a lot of future opportunities to flourish their career.
  4. Electrical Engineer: Electrical Engineers job responsibilities include evaluation of electrical systems, products, components and applications by designing and by conducting research programs and application and implementation of electricity knowledge and materials. An electrical engineer can earn $94,210 per year.
  5. Nuclear Engineer: Nuclear Engineers are responsible for design and implementation of nuclear processes. They are responsible to develop and execute complex model interactions. Nuclear engineer can earn annual salary (average) between $66,535 and $81,480. A bachelor degree is required for the nuclear engineer job.
  6. Architectural Engineers: Architectural Engineers are responsible for design, construction, maintenance and renovation of buildings. They work often on projects with professionals including construction workers and architect. Bachelor degree is essentially required and working experience too. Average salary of architectural engineers is $132,800 per year.
  7. Air Traffic Controllers: Air Traffic Controllers are responsible to coordinate with arrival and departure of planes, monitoring, directing and controlling of the air traffic movement. Associate degree is required for the job of air traffic controller. And the average salary of air traffic controllers is $122,950 per year.
  8. Marketing Managers: Marketing managers are multitalented professionals which plays vital role in marketing sector. Their primary responsibility is to increase company’s sales and profit according to market trend and competition. Their average yearly salary is $128,750. And bachelor’s degree is minimum required for this job.
  9. Computer hardware Engineer: Computer hardware engineers are responsible for creation, design, development and testing of computer hardware such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices and routers etc. Minimum education requirement is bachelor’s degree. A computer hardware engineer can earn average salary of $111,730 per year.
  10. Sales Manager: Jobs duties of sales manager includes determines annual unit and gross profit plans , implementation of market strategies and national sales programs, establish and adjust selling prices by monitoring costs, supply and demands. The sales manager can earn easily median salary $109,377 per year. Bachelor degree and sales experience is required for this job.
  11. Civil Engineer: Civil Engineers are responsible to plan, design, implement and supervise the construction and maintenance of buildings and other infrastructure, such as roads, airports, bridges, railways and power plants etc. One of the highest paying jobs is civil engineering job. Professionals can easily earn $65,358 median salary per year.
  12. Web Designer: Web designer responsibilities cover all aspects of creating and designing websites. Web designers are responsible to design, develop and maintain the whole product or website from a page designing to its content writing etc. for becoming a web designer, minimum qualification is required bachelor’s degree, and creative skills. Web designers can easily earn via online websites (taking projects online from clients). A web designer can earn easily $61,978-$82,791 per year.
  13. Nurse: Nurses are responsible to provide medical and nursing care to hospitalized patients in hospitals, clinics and private practices. Nurse’s job duty also includes the communication between doctors and patients, caring about patients, resolving and reporting on patient’s needs and administering the medicines. A nurse can easily earn $60,616 per year. Bachelor’s degree with good communication skills and positive attitude is required for this field.
  14. Financial Analyst: One of the famous and high paying jobs is of financial analyst, which is responsible for consolidation and analysis of financial data for the interest of company’s goals and financial standing. <a href=”https://www.certschief.com/vendor/sap/”>SAP</a> Financial analyst is responsible to provide options and recommendations for reducing cost and financial performance. Minimum bachelor’s degree or associate degree is required to get this job. A financial analyst can earn easily $54,456 per year.
  15. Advertising Executive: Advertising Executives work with advertising or different multilevel agencies. These are responsible for advertisement campaigns, and coordination works. They act as a mid-communication point between the client and agency. Advertising executives basically need a bachelor’s degree with training in the areas of marketing research and strategies, product development, public relations, promotion techniques and sales management. The annual salary of these employees is $37,416 as per 2017 latest survey.