Being A Foster Parent – The Payment

What is meant by Foster Parent?


Being a foster parent is a temporary care system when a minor kid is placed under the care of a couple who are ready to provide shelter, care and food to the minor who are unable to stay along with their original parents. This is temporary as most of the time the minor return back to his or her original or real parents, if not then to some shelter home. Rare are the cases when the kids are unable to return back to their original family. No doubt being a foster parent is a very noble thing to do. But the question is, whether it is a voluntary free service that they are providing? No. It doesn’t come free. The foster parents get paid for the job they do. How much does a foster parent get paid? This answer can be tricky as the same is ofcourse dependent on the care and service they are rendering to the kids.

The process followed by Foster Parents:

The below details on Foster parent will be disclosing howmuch does a foster parent get paid? How can one become a foster parent? What can be the responsibilities that a foster parent might need to take up? Etc.

how much does a foster parent get paid

Payment part:          Behind the noble job of being a foster parent, it is obvious that a couple will be keen to know how much does a foster parent get paid? But to be truthful, I one is fostering kid with an aim to earn money out of it, then they are definitely not fit for the job as they won’t be able to have the joy of being with kids and doing a noble job. This job requires people who care for kids and society. In the United States the payment is defined based on a few criterions that the foster parent needs to follow to get paid.


  • Base Rate basis Payment mode: Payment based on a base rate is the ideal answer to how much does a foster parent get paid. This payments that foster parents receive for giving basic amenities to the children at their home.


These are meant to cover the below expenses:

  1. Food: to take care of the nourishment of the kids required at foster home
  2. Cloths: Expenses on cloths that kids require for daily life
  3. House maintenance: Foster parents even get paid to maintain their house with proper furniture and equipments to make it suitable for kids
  4. Expenses of personal nature: This covers entertainment and other expenses like books
  5. Transport cost: Vehicle and its related costs are covered in this


How much does a foster parent get paid also depends on the age group of kid they are fostering. Usually taking care of an adolescent provides more fund.


  • Payment for Care at Shelter homes: Certain families who are certified as foster homes and shelter care can obtain this payment for the span of first 20 days of the care service
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