San Antonio Concrete Acid Staining

When you are bored of tile, wood flooring and carpet, the best alternative would be to acid stain your floor.  Floors that are acid stained offer you a very cordial and pleasant vibrant hues or earthy tones.  The color options are unlimited and  Concrete Staining San Antonio could provide even  more custom colors.

Any concrete surface could be stained outside or inside.  Existing concrete as well as new concrete could be acid stained.   If you want to have stained floors, contact the experts of the Artistic Concrete and Masonry Company of San Antonio Concrete Acid Staining Texas for getting done Concrete Acid Stain which would last you for years!

Concrete Staining San Antonio

Working hand to hand with house owners and business people is our speciality.  We ensure that the project is done just the way it is envisioned.

San Antonio Concrete Acid Staining Company shows professionalism unto each and every project that it undertakes.   With our wide knowledge and experience in concrete staining, you may rest assured that your project would be finished with a perfect professional touch.

Artistic Concrete and Masonry in San Antonio Texas exclusively pursues and practices decorative concrete stamped masonry work and installations.

Our surface consistency stamps are instruments that are created to deliver a three-dimensional imprint to slightly set concrete.  With more than eighty color combinations and choices we shall recreate the feel and texture and the characteristics of the surface of natural stones in each and every detail.  We specialize in driveways, walkways, pool decks and patios.

Decorative concrete is using of concrete not simply as a functional medium of construction but as enhancement of beauty to a structure. The changing of concrete to decorative concrete is got by using an assorted array of materials which are employed in the process of pouring or after curing the concrete.  These systems or materials accommodate but are not confined to decorative overlays, vertical overlays, concrete counter tops, polished concrete, acid staining, stamped concrete and more.

Stone Masonry

Our masons reconstruct and remodel flagstone, natural stone, sweet water, and sandstone into stunning veneers, patios, stone furniture, entryways, pool coping and decking, door and window surrounds, fountains and water features and a multiple assemblage and formation of special traditional and conventional projects.

We have the stone craft of mason and brick graveling supplies you require for giving your home a much required face lift.   We have got a multitude of textures and stone styles to choose among so that you are apt to get your outdoor stonework which would reflect your individual personal style.

Concrete Staining San Antonio

From  stone walkways to stone veneer, from patios to retaining walls, from drainage systems to excavation, from large scale commercial and residential projects to even small jobs, Artistic Concrete and Masonry dishes out excellence, quality and service in stone masonry.

We are specialists in Custom Stone Work.  Working closely with home builders, landscapers, architects and homeowners, we take pride in our capability to communicate closely with our clients. We understand their vision and plans and execute them to make sure that each project is a magnum opus.

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