Three Reasons to Choose Bosch Table Saw

The volume of output generated by an efficient table saw determines the design and functional efficiency. There are three reasons to prove you can’t get wrong with the Bosch 4100. They are the design, functional features and safety aspects. Getting listed in the Underwriters laboratory is one of the biggest “achievements” for any mechanical device, including the table saw we are discussing about here. This acts as an inherent factor of trust about the structural and functional stability of the machine for different work-piece objects and working conditions.

Bosch 4100

Design Parameters

  • The support provided by the single phase 15 amps motor is the foundation on which the other design features are based. This can generate the power to keep the 10” diameter blade of the saw table at a speed of 3650RPM consistently for extended hours. This is designed to withstand the stress applied by heavy workpiece objects which you work with. The motor can work with a maximum efficiency of 4HP which is rated to be high for a machine of dimension 39.13” X 30” X 20.9”. The motor runs at uniform speed at various load conditions. This is one feature which extends the lifetime of the machine.
  • The power cord is long enough to move the table away from the power source and keep it in working conditions in an efficient manner.
  • The design of the moving fence is highly flexible in nature. The locking system provided at the left side of the fence makes it safe while working. You can adjust the distance between the fence and the workpiece in a manner to accommodate the workpiece of variable dimensions.
  • The entire assembly of the blade guard is made of hard core material to offer complete protection for the operator. You can practically move the assembly at variable angles to set the blade for angular cutting. The range of bevel angle from 2 degrees to 47 degrees makes it highly flexible for the safe blade movement. These basic design aspects assure you about the functional efficiency of the machine.

Functional parameters

  • Functionally the Bosch 4100 is a workhorse. You can use the machine over an extended period of time at almost the same level of efficiency.
  • You can execute variable types of cuts and saws using the machine. Ripping, straight cuts, angled cuts, cross cuts and other types of cuts can be effectively executed with variable speeds.
  • The height of the blade can be varied with respect to the table surface for different types of workpiece objects. The adjusting lever has a built in sliding and locking mechanism at the arbor of the work table.

 Safety Parameters

  • The blade never comes into direct contact with the protective assembly of the guard.
  • The anti kickback feature is built into the design of the machine, making it highly reliable for any type and dimension of workpiece.
  • The dust collection port is designed to absorb all the saw dust and wooden pieces which get accumulated without spilling them over.
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